Amiga Racer Version 3.4

Many users whished for a "roll out" when time is over. Here's your wish: Update 3.4!
Instead of instantly stopping when time is up you roll now out. Of course you can not accelerate any further, but you can steer left and right and with a bit of luck you pass the checkpoint that you would have missed otherwise.
This makes gameplay more exciting and easier for novice players.

Getting ready for Gamescom 2016

We're getting ready for the Gamescom this year! Our Amiga Racer Grid-Girl-Leader Alexandra is already preparing different dressing styles for the girls. You can meet some of them already at the AmigaTec BBQ event 30th of July.

If you can't make it to the Gamescom or to the BBQ event don't forget to order your Amiga Racer Collector's Edition "Elite" before to avoid delivery delays in August.

Amiga Racer Version 3.3g

Version 3.3g updates the ARCS (Amiga Racer Construction Set) menu system.
Now ARCS will remember the last settings you selected (track length, curves, hills etc.) and you do not need to adjust these numbers again when you want to drive another scenario with the same track parameters.
(In previous versions of Amiga Racer it was always reset to the default numbers when you selected the ARCS menu)
This feature was asked for by many users - so here it is!