Amiga Racer Version 3.3f

* ARCS Florida now also creates rocks at the side of the road
* ARCS Florida now also creates boingball bulletin boards at the side of the road
* ARCS Florida road side line is now red+white checkered instead of yellow line
* Track and ARCS Florida has now the AmigaTec Advertisement Board featuring my wife with a boingball at the race start

Amiga Racer Version 3.3e

The Mercedes CLS is now fully animated and has rotating wheels and breaking lights.

Removed the old Nissan GTR since there is the same car as animated Nissan GTR available.

Amiga Racer Version 3.3

Update 3.3 - what's new:

New Features:
Finally we have now a proper race start! Like in Lotus Turbo Challenge all 20 opponent cars standing in front of you. Depending on the difficulty level the drivers are more aggressive and faster.
This new race start also covers now a wider range of opponent cars and not only 3 different cars as it was before.

Improved Graphics:
* Hazelnut Bush (Florida)
* Hotel (Florida)
* Palm Tree (Florida)

New Graphics:
New Streetlights (Florida)