Setting up the Crosscompiler System

In order to get also a windows version of Amiga Racer the best way is to include a crosscompiler into our existing linux build system.
First we get the Mingw Compiler and then install into /opt/mingw32 (32 bit target) and /opt/mingw64 (64 bit target)
tar xvf mingw-w64-bin_x86_64_linux_20131228.tar.bz2 - C /opt/mingw64

Amiga Racer: Morph OS version ready!

Kermit has news for you: The Morph OS version of Amiga Racer is available.

You can use the integrated Live Update Feature to keep your Morph OS version up-to-date.
If you press "F" in the game menu you can switch into fullscreen (and back).


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