Please Donate!

It takes time (all my spare time) to develop games you'll like. With your donation you're not only supporting the current game Amiga Racer, but also new titles in future. Instead of running kickstarter (where most people don't see anything for months) you have already a playable game-demo that you can update in it's functionality twice a week.

Please note: To get your Amiga Racer Collector's Edition shipped to your home please order it in our online shop:

People that donate get the following:
The Amiga Racer Keyfile: It allows you drive all available cars and to use ARCS, the track generator with many different scenarios such as Russia, Spain, Hong Kong and more.
If you donate you will recieve your personalized Amiga Racer Keyfile usually within 24h - in most cases much earlier.
As a special bonus you get the offical Amiga Racer Song if you donate in the week between 13.03.16 and 20.03.16

For questions or problems recieving the keyfile you can write directly to AmigaRacer (at)

Thank you!