Amiga Racer Version 3.7 - The biggest update so far!

This is the biggest update since i started with live updates for the game. There is a huge amount of new features (and bugfixes) in Version 3.7 - The most important things are:

* new player car: Trabant (yes, of course in light blue)
* new computer car AI (they don't drive as much from behind thru you as it was before, however collisions still can happen if you hasty switch lanes and someone is close behind you in that lane)
* London bus! You have now in the scenario UK also typical UK bus vehicles
* London taxi! You have now in the scenario UK also typical UK black cab's.
* player car Nissan GTR graphics massively improved - no double shadow anymore
* game over picture improved - new and proper outline
* bugfix 100% cpu load when selecting a cloud track - fixed.
* completely new designed ARCS menu (to match the game menu better)
* completely new race start with a brand new stunning looking start frame
* animated grid girls! Now the upper left grid girl waves the racing flag when the race starts
* Multi-Language support! You can now select your language (currently English and German) in the configuration menu

Please note, that not all possible screens are fully translated into german - still working on it, but the game menu, config menu and the ARCS menu are done.

Here's a short video clip where you can see the Amiga Racer Collector's Edition Elite Box:

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